Roy's House Jacking, Serving Syracuse, NY
Structure jacking, leveling and rebuilding foundation rot.

Does your homes foundation need structural attention? Contact Roy's House Jacking to jack, level and rebuild your property's rotting foundation.

Located in Liverpool, NY, Roy's House Jacking has been jacking and leveling houses and other buildings for over 45 years. Roy Norton, along with recently departed partner David (Danny) Daniels, have jacked and leveled structures
of all types throughout Central and Northern New York. 

From Hurricane Hugo in the 1970s, the Labor Day storm of 1999 or the years of flooding along the waterways, people have called us to level and repair their water, wind, rotten, frost damaged and inadequately structured buildings. The tradition of quality workmanship in reconstructing your home or buildings continues with Roy, son Tom, and grandson Steven. We care about you and your property and look forward to working with you!

Jacking & Leveling All Structures
Houses, Camps, Garages, Porches, Barns, Sheds, Decks, Etc.

Rebuild Rotten Underpinning
Beams, Floor Joints, Sills, Sill Plates, Etc...

Call Roy Norton, serving Syracuse, NY, BEFORE you remodel, because everything you do needs to start with a level, solid foundation.

Call the experts at Roy's House Jacking today at 315-591-4659!